Bone Creek Tournaments

Tournament Rules

  1. Tournament entry fee is $10 per person; children age 12 & under will fish for free but must be accompanied by an adult of 18 years or older.
  2. $5 out of every entry goes towards the classic purse. $4 out of every entry will be paid back for the heaviest bass of the Thursday Jackpot. $1 goes to 2nd place. ALL TIES WILL BE SPLIT EVENLY. 
  3. If no legal length bass of 19 inches or over is caught then all proceeds will go towards the Classic. NO DRAWS!
  4. The weigh-in officials will handle, measure and weigh all fish. Their decisions will be final.
  5. Length limit will be 19 inches and over.
  6. All bass will be measured on a flat board with their mouths closed; the "Golden Rule" is the official measuring board.
  7. Only one fish may be brought to the scales per person. If more than one fish is brought to the scales, your stringer will be culled for you starting with the largest bass.
  8. Only large and small mouth bass may be weighed.
  9. Only artificial lures and pork type baits may be used. All bass must be caught on rod and reel, in a sporting manner. Snagging and trolling is prohibited.
  10.  Any artificial bait that complies with Kansas fish and game regulations. 
  11. No trailering of boats allowed; contestants must leave and return to the take-off site by boat.
  12. Each contestant must be back at the take-off site by the official ending time or be immediately disqualified.
  13. The lake is off limits from 6 AM to 6 PM the day of a Jackpot.
  14. All state boating and fishing regulations will be observed.
  15. No Wake Areas. A white buoy indicates a no wake area. Every no wake area usually has two buoys - one a the beginning and one at the end. You MUST come off plane & idle between these buoys. There is also a 100 foot no wake area around any feeder.
  16. Dead fish penalty is 1 lb. Fish must be able to swim off on its own power.
  17. Boat take off is determined by order of entry.
  18. No alcholic beverages allowed during tournament.
  19. Life jackets must be worn on take-off.
  20. Each team will be given a boat number chip and it must be on the board by ending tournament time or that team will not be allowed to weigh a fish. If you have lost your chip you must notify the weigh officials before ending time.
  21. If life threatening weather conditions occur before the official weigh-in time, officials may cut the tournament short, but weigh-in and payback will remain the same. If this occurs, officials will travel the lake sounding a horn to notify contestants of dangerous weather.
  22. Officials are not responsible for damages or injuries incurred in connection with this tournament.
  23. Failure to comply with tournament rules may result in disqualification
  24.  All fish regardless of species caught on and while competing in the Thursday Night Jackpot becomes property of the Thursday Night Jackpot and MUST BE RELEASED.
  25.                                 A CLASSIC NOTE

Classic entry fee must be paid on the final Thursday Jackpot Sept.22nd

Absolutely no money will be taken at the ramp the morning of the Classic.

If you have fished all the Thursday Jackpots & your entry fee is zero, you must still be present to sign the classic sheet to show you are fishing.

Anyone that has fished all the weekly tournaments for the year will compete during the Classic for free entries for the 2022 season.

Classic Date; Oct.1st

Big Fish Per Hour Tournament


Kevin Shaffer

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